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PER Counseling conducts multidisciplinary individual and group training programs that benefit from the methods of multidisciplinary fields of psychology, sociology, gender studies, conflict analysis and resolution, and migration studies. With these programs, PER Counseling staff aim to help clients become more productive and active in their work and/or social life by discovering their strengths and weaknesses and achieve social cohesion with individuals, groups or communities they live in. Each training is programmed with pre-training and post-training assessments that are conducted with valid and reliable scales and assessment forms, and if requested, results are provided in a report to both participants and organizations. 


Before starting a program, PER Counseling staff collects data from each client/participant individually to ensure that the participants receive the most needed training.

PER Counseling's main training programs include the following:


- Psychosocial First Aid and Psychosocial Wellbeing

- Protection against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

- Child & Women Protection

- Conflict Management and Resolution

- Negotiation Skills

- Peace Education

- Building Inclusive and Supportive Workplaces

- Creating SMART Development Plans

- Effective Analysis of Goals and Needs

- Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

- Career Planning and Development

- Ethics and Privacy Principles

- Presentation and Public Speech Skills

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