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The word 'mandala' comes from Sanskrit meaning 'circle'. Mandala is one of the meditation techniques consisting of circular, geometric designs used for psychological healing and integration, associated with a sense of wholeness.


It is believed that making a mandala is a journey. Jung (1973) identifies mandala to be an attempt by the conscious self to integrate unconscious material and believed that through mandalas clients could create something meaningful into which they could integrate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


PER Counselling staff use mandala both as a therapeutic and psychosocial support method and an art workshop component. The aim is to facilitate clients' journey from a single point (cosmos) on a paper or fabric towards expanding circles of emotional and cognitive 'integration', and support them to reduce anxiety and stress. Mandala allows clients to 'find' themselves in this journey and a route to change disturbing and uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

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