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Needle Felting

PER Counselling invites clients to move away from the stress of daily life by entering into a fairy tale that they create through needle felting. In the workshops where clients can participate individually or as a group of friends or colleagues, each participant creates artwork that reflects the colors they chose, as well as the way in which they process the artwork based on their imagination and free association. Needle felting workshops, as a psychosocial support method, encourages participants to take a fun journey to discover themselves and their inner worlds.


Felt material is natural, flexible and easy to give shape which allows clients to easily work with and reflect on their imagination. PER Counselling organizes needle felting workshops as a recreational activity to relax for clients who work in mentally demanding and stressful jobs in which they cannot find much opportunity to use their motor skills.


We acknowledge that it is our imagination that determines the boundaries of our capacity and the more we expand our imagination, the more we can achieve.


As the poet, author, and painter Hermann Hesse says "Outside there was the reality, roads, homes, people and some institutions and organizations. Here, inside, love and soul, tale and dream were living", we invite you to inside, to the world of tale and dream.

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