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Ebru (Marbling Paper)

Ebru, made with soil and madder dropped and shaped on the water, is a branch of art where a unique product emerges in each of its works. The art of marbling, which is also considered as an abstract art work, is used in art therapy studies to support the healing process of the clients.

PER Counseling aims to help the participants overcome the intense work-related stress and the hustle and bustle of life by supporting the healing power of marbling. In addition, it offers marbling workshops managed by an expert psychologist and art trainer using art therapy techniques with individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual and gender-based violence, and socializing problems.

Performing the art of marbling in a fluid manner on the water ensures that the control is not entirely in the client's hands. PER Counseling aims to assist its clients in adapting to the fluid nature of water, focusing on recognizing, accepting and adapting to their limits, particularly in terms of acceptance and compliance.

Ebru workshops, which we use as an expressionist art method,

- Help them convey feelings and thoughts by using colors

- Enable them to move away from negative thoughts while engaging in ebru

- Make them more serene with the fluid nature of water

- Help them feel safe and secure as the focus is on the process rather than the outcome 

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