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Psychosocial Support

PER Counseling offers individual and group psychosocial support programs that benefit from the art's power that facilitates us to express our emotions and thoughts, and explain the reasons behind psychological disorders. Our psychosocial support programs aim to provide a safe space to the clients in which they can express issues through artworks to make it more explicit. While engaging with the artwork, the clients feel comfortable and safe because they know they will not be judged. Most importantly, they realize that their creative expression allows their emotions and thoughts to flow and become more successful in overcoming problems and difficulties.


Those who are not familiar with the use of art in psycho-social counseling tend to avoid creating an artwork. PER Counselling staff do not focus on the aesthetic quality of the client's artworks but help them become familiar and feel comfortable with the art techniques and express themselves with artworks. PER Counseling team strictly adheres to the principles of ethics and confidentiality throughout the psychosocial support programs.


PER Counselling's programs include the following:

- Psychological Wellbeing

- Burnout and Satisfaction

- Stress, Anger, and Empathy

- Effective Interpersonal Communication

- Conflict Analysis and Resolution

- Negotiation Skills and Professionalism

- Capacity Building & Career Development

- Understanding & Adapting to Cultural Diversity

- Understanding & Adapting to Gender Diversity

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